Users’ Information Have Been Stolen From Quora

Quora Hacked

Cyber pirates attacked online question-and-answer platform Quora. 100 million user’s personal information was stolen. Platform suggested users to change their passwords immediately. The hackers seized nearly 100 million users of Quora, which has 300 million users per month worldwide.

The information captured by cyber-attackers appeared to contain users’ names and surnames, e-mail addresses, passwords, messages they shared on the platform, responses and data imported from linked accounts.

Yesterday, Quora officials announced that they discovered unauthorized access to their platforms last Friday. The security breach was reported to law enforcement officials. CEO of Quora Adam D’Angelo admitted they were not able to fulfill their responsibilities towards the users.

Anonymous Users Have Been Identified

One of the most important features of Quora was publishing anonymous content. After this cyber attack the identity of the people has been deciphered.

The platform has sent an e-mail to its users on the subject. The company suggested users who have an account in Quora opened in 2010, to change their passwords. The official statement said “The research is continuing. We have determined the root causes and we believe that we have taken steps to solve the problem and will continue to make security improvements with our internal and external experts,”.

This cyber attack does not affect users financially because Quora does not contain data such as credit card information. If this attack has worried you to delete your account, you can delete your account by following the Settings, Privacy, Delete Account steps from your profile. You can also refer to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to reset your password and get a copy of your stolen data from the site.

Last week, the hotel chain Marriott International also reported that hackers had infiltrated the customer database and because of the security breach since 2014, a total of 500 million customers have had their personal data, including credit card and passport information, in the hands of cyber-hackers.

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