Google Translate Has Been Renewed

Google Translate

Although we can not rely on the translated text sometimes, Google Translate is the first choice for most people when it’s time for the translation. Although some users who are tired of the meaningless sentences search for different dictionary searches, there is still a wide audience of Google Translate.

Google, one of the popular technology companies, has provided Google Translation with a free translation service. Google Translate is now more useful and functional.

Commenting on the topic, Google said that with the new interface design, Translate will now work more consistent.

New Document Upload Feature

In addition, the company has added the ability to sort translations for users who speak multiple languages. With the new interface now users can also upload documents with different file types including pdf, docx, xls and doc. Google Translate, with example sentences, strengthened the meaning.

Although the new version is not currently available for everyone, it’s thought that after some minor fixes, everyone will start seeing the updated version.

This version is currently available only on the service’s web site, Google is expected to reflect this new design on its apps on iOS and Android platforms. Let’s see if they can replace the translators in the future.

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