First Country to Use 5G Announced


South Korea can win the race for being the first country to use 5G technology this Saturday. SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus, the three main telecommunications companies in the country, are starting to use 5G connection across the country on Saturday.

What Will 5G Bring To Our Lives?

Our phones, watches, homes and cars need a fast connection that doesn’t break. A brand new wireless network is coming up to deliver the bandwidth that all these devices need: 5G.

The future of the wireless network goes through 5G. So what is 5G and how will it make our lives easier?

It will be faster to download and upload videos in Ultra HD resolution with 5G. Dream of Internet of Things will be real with 5G.

4G LTE can transfer 1 gigabit data per second; that is, downloading a short HD movie takes about an hour in perfect conditions. The problem is that you can’t reach the maximum speed of 4G most of the time. 5G will increas the download limits to 10 gigabits per second. Of course, the speed of 5G will also be negatively affected by factors such as buildings, walls, other signals, and it will probably not be very close to this theoretical speed. However, it will be much faster than 4G.

Huge consortia of leading communications companies are working to set standards for 5G worldwide. Although many of these standards are not yet clear, experts believe that 5G will offer backward compatibility (with 4G and 3G).

5G uses higher radio frequencies compared to 4G. The 4G includes bands up to 20 MHz and 5G can use the frequency band up to 6GHz. The reason for using these high frequencies is that they are often empty and can carry data faster. The problem is that high frequency signals do not reach as far as low frequencies. Therefore, multiple input and output antennas (MIMOs) are expected to be used where 5G is provided.

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